Takara Wong

Inspired by different cultures and subcultures from all over the world. Thakorn Wannawong started Takara Wong in 2015. The brand’s philosophy revolves around the concept of "Trial and Error", in which they experiment with different techniques and materials over and over again combined with aerodynamic sporty silhouette that could be worn time and time again.

Takara Wong believes that imperfections are what make things truly interesting, that is why the brand focuses on the underdogs of society and rebellious spirits. Whether exploring the underground punk culture, metal, or skateboarding culture. Takara Wong invites you on an open-minded journey through different subcultures in every collection.

Designer's Bio

Creative Director and Head Designer "Thakorn Wannawong" has always been interested in fashion and design since a very young age, and started to express himself by dressing up family members and later, designing clothing for his musician friends.

A graduate from Bunka Fashion Academy in Thailand, Wannawong’s interest in music and subculture led him to found Takara Wong in 2015. Takara Wong follows a Unisex, no season, rebellious approach to design and concept-based philosophy of “Trial and Error”, with signature strong silhouettes and impeccable cutting.